Is an Oversized Sweatshirt the Best Fit for Your Yoga Practice?

When it comes to yoga apparel, one of the most commonly worn tops is the oversized sweatshirt. It’s a great companion for a pair of tight black leggings. This timeless top comes in an endless array of colors, styles, and graphic prints so that each yogi can find something that suits his or her personality. Is this oversized item really the best fit for yogis to wear to their yoga classes?

If you find yourself wondering how this item can be worn to a yoga class, you may want to check out some of these concerns. They can help to evaluate whether this top is right for you.

What Kind of Yoga Do You Practice?

As with any clothing item, the type of yoga you practice should be a top consideration before you make a purchase. A yogi who prefers a hot yoga class obviously doesn’t want to wear a sweatshirt in his/her hot and humid classroom. On the other hand, a yogi who has a very slow and gentle practice may prefer an extra layer for warmth.

This same thought pattern has to be applied to the actual postures that you will use during your yoga practice. If your practice is heavy on inversions, forearm balances, and similar yoga poses, you shouldn’t wear a long-sleeved shirt. The fabric can interfere with your skin’s grip on the yoga mat, creating a safety issue that could cause a serious injury. An oversized item is also extremely likely to fall over your face and make coming out of the posture dangerous as well.

Do You Usually Wear Layers to Class?

Some yogis may prefer to do their regular practice in nothing but a sports bra. This isn’t typically a great idea to wear out and about in the town, so you need to come up with a cover-up. An oversized sweatshirt could be the perfect option to help you dress comfortably without unnecessary and bulky layers.

Are You Ever Cold During Class?

Meditation and finishing postures have a tendency to be very cooling. In an air-conditioned yoga studio, you may find that you’re freezing during these last moments of the class. A light blanket is one solution to help you feel more comfortable and allow you to fully relax into savasana. However, you might want to think about simply wearing your sweatshirt during these chillier times on the yoga mat.

Overall, an oversized sweatshirt is a great companion to a pair of yoga leggings. It just may not be the perfect choice for wearing throughout a yoga practice. You could always bring your sweatshirt to wear before and after class to keep you warm in the chilly spring weather.

Oversized sweatshirts can be a great tool and choice for a yoga outfit, but you have to consider where they’re right for you. Each yogi will be different when it comes to their clothing preferences and needs. Would you be able to wear an oversized sweatshirt to your next yoga class?

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