How To Start A Private Yoga Business

Teaching yoga is not limited to just studios. Some of these studios can be expensive or only teach certain styles. Once you have a 200hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification, you can teach yoga anywhere internationally. If you want to start your own private yoga business, here are some important and practical ideas to take into consideration:

Make A Website. Build a professional-looking website on a full hosted network. You can do this by purchasing a domain name. From there, you may want to think about including a blog. A blog is a great way to express ideas, share information about yoga, and keep your clients engaged. Other great ways to do this is through other social media. An account is a great way to keep clients visually engaged. Creating a channel is another great idea as it allows your clients to see the teacher(s) of your yoga business first hand.

Choose Your Market Or Niche. What kind of yoga are you teaching? Is there a certain audience that you want to reach? Some yoga businesses aim their services at experienced yogis, and other yoga businesses aim their services at new clients. 

Consider Your Employees. Is it just you? Would you like to bring other people on board? Do you need liability insurance if someone is hurt in your class? Do you need to register with the yoga alliance or any other local yoga governing body?

What Are Your Services? Are you looking to teach group classes? In what space will these classes be held? Considering outdoor classes is a great way to reduce costs, especially initially. Will you offer private lessons? What rates will services be offered at? Will you hold workshops?

What Is Your Vision? Why is yoga important to you? Consider what yogic values and philosophies you align with most. How can you incorporate these values into your business? Are you hoping to become a yoga school and host yoga teacher training?

Where Will You Offer Services? It is important to consider when you are advertising. Some yoga business offers services internationally. Maybe there are different but specific places you would like to begin to market your business, or perhaps you want to keep it to one city. 

Will You Sell Any Products? Lots of great yoga business have merchandise and activewear to help supplement the business’ income offering great products. Your private yoga business could sell an array of yoga apparel, like yoga pants, yoga leggings, yoga capris, or Lululemon leggings.

These are just some of the considerations you may want to consider when starting your own private yoga business. Many things will come up along the way, and that is okay! The best thing you can do is get started now and figure it out along the way. 

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